• Episode 09: Desperate for Sleep

    Keegan and adder are joined by commune mom Megan Lebda to discuss a listener question about baby sleep habits. They also cover the news on a kidnapping and a commune, pagan rituals on the farm, and picture books with no words.

  • Episode 08: Siblings with Ezra Freeman

    Keegan and adder are joined by fellow commune dad Ezra Freeman to talk about raising siblings on the farm. We tend to say that age peers at Twin Oaks are much like siblings, but is this really the case? What advantages and challenges above those of friendships do kids experience? We are also joined by commune kid Lily to chat a bit about her experience as a sibling-less child.

  • Episode 07: Grandparents . . . Again!

    Grandparents again! Keegan and adder take another look at the role of grandparents. They are fun and helpful, but the hosts seem to have missed last episode some of the wisdom and love that grandparents bring to the table. Also, research on the effects of grandparents and depression, a listener email about veganism, and talk about sick babies.

  • Episode 06: The Blessings and Curses of Grandparents

    Keegan Dunn and adder Oaks ponder the pros and cons of having their kids’ grandparents in their lives. Grandparents are often sources of unconditional love and care, not to mention sugar and TV. Do grandparents create openings for our kids to become obsessed Disney consumers or beat-em-up superhero devotees? How can one deal with influence of commercial media generally? Also, a look at the BBC Dad viral video, for which our hosts are joined by special guest, fellow communard, loving partner, and co-parent Megan Lebda.

  • Episode 05: Teenage Communards

    Guest commune adolescents Rowan and Evan join adder and Keegan for this lighthearted discussion about the lives of teenagers on a commune and what comes next. They share the unique educational opportunities presented to them, such as classes on pyrotechnics, sign language, and and film studies. In addition, Rowan and Evan point to gaps in their experience living outside the mainstream and there plans to round out their academic and cultural education.

  • Episode 04: Will Kids Ever Learn To Share?

    Adder Oaks and Keegan Dunn tackle the challenges of teaching sharing to children on a commune, where sharing already abounds! Are the sharing habits of commune kids actually any different than those of the mainstream? Adder and Keegan ponder whether forcing kids to share is the only way to actually make it happen, or if a lassiez-faire approach results in more compassionate behavior. They discuss a scholarly article about sharing in children, the utopian novel The Dispossessed, and fill in with their own anecdotes about the hoarding behavior of, well, basically every kid they have met.

  • Episode 03: Tech, Kids, and Moderation

    Keegan and adder take on tech. Both share their interest in teaching children to understand and program computers, but express fear at the way computers and smartphones can have power over people. Keegan shares his childhood memories as the first personal computers made it into homes and his lifelong obsession with computers that he has spent his adult years fighting off. Can children on the commune avoid a similar fate? Adder expresses his nostalgia for video games and shares his plan to teach a 5-year-old text-based computing. Both try to make sense of the ubiquity of smartphones in the lives of today’s children.

  • Episode 02: Peers and Personalties

    Adder and Keegan examine the personalities of children and the effects their peers have on them. They ponder the sibling-like relationships of commune kids, consider that parents might have less of an effect than they might think, and reflect on the effects of schooling and video games in their childhoods.

  • Episode 01: Why Raise Kids on a Commune?

    The pilot episode of Commune Dads! Adder and Keegan discuss their decisions to raise kids on a commune, the value of classical education, cows in the back yard, and the quirks and trends of parenting on the commune.

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